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Resolving Child Custody And Parenting Time Issues

Disputes concerning children are often the most emotional and divisive aspect of any divorce proceeding. An experienced lawyer can help resolve these issues with the sensitivity that is needed during this difficult time.

At the Law Offices of Kevin F. Collins, in Stamford, our attorneys have helped innumerable people throughout Fairfield County to achieve successful resolutions to child custody and parenting time issues. We can help explore your options and advise you as to what you can expect when it comes to legal matters affecting your children. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 203-587-7646.

Types Of Custody

There are two primary types of custody that may be considered and awarded by the court. One form is legal custody, which is the right of the parent or parents to make major decisions on a child’s behalf, including those involving medical care, religious upbringing and education. Legal custody may be granted to either one or both parents.

The other form is physical custody. This type of custody concerns where the child will be spending the majority of his or her time, and is typically granted to only one parent, although parenting duties may still be split relatively evenly.

Whenever possible, we will attempt to reach a negotiated custody agreement outside of court. We believe that when parents are able to agree, it helps to get your new life of co-parenting off on the right foot.

Experienced With Contested Child Custody Cases

In all custody decisions, the court will attempt to determine what is in the best interests of the child. Several factors may be applied to reach this determination and the court’s opinion may be much different from yours. It is our responsibility to help guide you through this process while keeping in mind that courts will always try to find a solution that allows both parents to have at least some reasonable contact with their child. However, some cases prove to be particularly contentious. We have extensive experience litigating and providing legal counsel in highly contested custody and parenting time cases, including those involving mental health, drug use, domestic abuse and parental alienation issues.

Guidance With Child Support

Our attorneys can help solve difficult child support issues, including those surrounding enforcing the terms of a support agreement and modifying a support agreement if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Whether you are seeking support payments or are being asked to make payments, we can advocate for your position while keeping your child in mind at all times.

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We understand that divorce proceedings involving children are particularly stressful. We are here to help share your burden while working toward a solution that is best for your child. To schedule an initial consultation, call 203-587-7646 or contact us online. From our office in Stamford, we represent clients throughout Fairfield County and the New York Metropolitan area.