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The divorce process can be emotionally challenging. Even if the split between you and your ex is relatively amicable, it still represents the closing of a major chapter in your life. However, it also provides you with the opportunity to start anew.

At the Law Offices of Kevin F. Collins in Stamford, our divorce attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients from all walks of life through the marriage dissolution process. We can help shoulder your emotional burden, determine a clear path for moving forward and work hard to minimize any potential damage. To find out more about how our lawyers can help you, call 203-587-7646 to schedule a free initial consultation.

We Help Resolve All Divorce-Related Issues

With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, we understand how to resolve even the most contentious divorce matters. We understand that reaching a settlement that all parties can agree on is not always possible, which is why we are not afraid to take your case to trial, when necessary. We can help resolve all divorce-related issues, including:

  • Child custody: Often the most contentious aspect of any divorce proceeding, it is important to determine what will be in the child’s best interests. Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody, we can explain the differences between legal and physical custody and which factors the court will likely consider when making a custody determination.
  • Division of property: Whether you possess relatively few assets or need help dividing more complex forms of property, including retirement assets, artwork or vacation homes, we can help you develop a property division plan that is as fair and as equitable as possible. If you and your ex are unable to reach an agreement on how best to divide your property, we can advocate tenaciously for you in court.
  • Family law appeals: One of the more unique aspects of our legal practice is our willingness to appeal family law decisions. Understanding how appeals are handled also helps inform the way we litigate the underlying case, should your divorce proceeding end up in court. It is important to note that not every decision is right for appeal. We can review your case and help determine the best option for moving forward.

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